News: Transfer of Mechanical Drives(MD) business from Siemens Limited, Thailand to Flender Pte.Ltd.

Dear, Valued Customer,

On February 16th, 2017, Siemens announced plan of transforming the Mechanical Drives business, including related service activities, to a standalone entity within Siemens group. Starting October 1st,2017, Siemens Mechanical Drives unit (MD) has been operating in the market as Flender GmbH, a Siemens company. Branches, where permitted will operate the business under the new name worldwide. With the new setup, subject to local requirements will be expected to worldwide complete by mid of 2018.

Within ASEAN, the activities will be led by a standalone entity incorporated in Singapore, Flender Pte. Ltd. (“Flender”) with effect form July 1st, 2018. With these steps, Flender shall achieve greater entrepreneurial freedom, more flexibility and greater autonomy over its operations for further competitive improvement.

This transformation will entail the transfer of sales rights for Siemens Mechanical Drives products in Thailand, to flender Pte. Ltd. Singapore starting July 1st 2018.